Assignment of the Inventory of Urban Wastes from Basque Country 2014


RESIDUA/ALTAIR wins the project of the inventory of the urban wastes from Basque Country of the year 2014, launched by the Department of Environment of Basque Goverment. This inventory will help to assess the real generation, management and treatment of the different waste flows, in order to have useful information to take optimal and sustainable decision about the management and strategy of the waste treatment infrastructures in the future.

Assignment of the Execution Project of the Sewage Sludge Compost Facility by the water Management Department of Gipuzkoa


RESIDUA/ALTAIR wins the development of the execution project of a Composting Facility of the sludges from the Sewage Treatment Plants, launched by the Department of Water Management of Gipuzkoa.
Following the waste treatment hierarchy established by the Environmental Department of the European Comision, this new Composting Facility will allow the material valuation of STP sludges into high quality compost usefull in agriculture. This phylosophy of waste management avoids other less recommendable waste treatments as the energy recovery and landfilling.